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Alena leads you to explore how you can better connect consciously to yourself and the external world. She invites you to stoke the fire blazing within as you embark upon your journey.

She has appeared in the books: Umbrella Marketing by Ken Rochon, and Hope Holds You by Tammy Thomson. She’s also been featured in Kripalu’s Spring Catalog 2019, What Weekly, The Baltimore Sun, Wear it Out Baltimore, Al Farah Magasinet, DagBladet, Natural Awakenings, and Art Blend.

Alena is passionate about diving into deeper truths. She continues to invite you into inquiries and
experiments, to dive into the Self and see what’s real through various yogic practices that include pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (body holdings), movement, meditation, group connection, and interaction. She often brings Thai herbal remedies, homemade teas, and compresses into her practices!

She is sought after for her compassion, intuitive wisdom, and leadership.
Those who come across Alena will be blessed by her light and timeless nourishment. Considered an old soul and respected by many, she will open your heart in ways you’ve yet to know possible.
She inspires with her creativity and free-thinking nature. Because her energy is well-balanced and centered, she is able to be present to those in front of her and makes sure you are seen.
She is a perspicacious listener and speaker. She is also of pure delight working with children!

She shares her joy of Healing and Connection at health clinics, seminars, festivals, conferences, and studios throughout the globe.

Alena specializes in working with beings of all ages that are ready to
disentangle the illusion and enter the mystery of Conscious Connection! 
She helps you unlock your potential, get unstuck, connect consciously to yourself and those around you.
She teaches you how to let go of old stories and experience yourself as the pure being that you are.

Along with her passion for her work, she is a photographer, event planner, dancer, book worm, student, adventurer, and lover of life.

Some of her trainings include participating in Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda,
Woven Body Healing Arts School, Landmark Forum, Kain Ramsay’s Life Coaching Program, and Marshall Rosenberg’s NonViolent Communication.
Some of her instructors include: Yoganand Michael Carroll, Damion Bond, Somananda Yogi, Coby Kozlowski, Larissa Hall Carlson, Veda RaviShankar (to name a few)!

She is currently studying Vedic Sciences, Transpersonal Psychology, and Thai Folk Medicine. She is continuing her education through daily practices and formal studies.

Alena has recently partnered with Woven Body Healing Arts to bring to you a wide range of Thai healing herbs, compresses, tinctures, teas, baths, steams, and more.
Please contact her for details!

Take a moment to connect with her and see what she has to offer you. It is to my utmost certainty that you will have an empowering experience!



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